Welcome to GHOULribble's Moonbase and Moonbase Accessories/Liquidity and Liquidation Services!!

Proudly serving Ghouls since 1 BD

Do you need liquidity for your shitcoins?

Victim of a rug pull?

Perhaps you ended up at $BASED and have no idea what's going on?

GHOULribble Well, you're in luck!! Here at GHOULribble's Moonbase and Moonbased Accessories/Liquidity and Liquidation Services, we offer the finest [only] Liquidity and Liquidation Services on Moonbase!

Ray How does it work, Mr. GHOULribble?

GHOULribble Glad you asked, Ray. Using "state-of-the-art" Moonbase Rover technology, I have devised [hacked] a way to ensure that your shitcoin has a stable and sustainable liquidity solution for 365 Earth days. I take an LP token and create a new ETH pair with it on Uniswap. A Moonbase rover gets created for the original LP token, the rover gets launched and any LP tokens sent to the rover contract get vested over the next 365 days (prorated from date of launch). I'm pleased to announce that $BASED now has 3 Liquidity Rovers: $BASED/sUSD, mbBASED/ETH and $BLO/ETH!

Ray Are the LPs stuck in the Rover forever?

GHOULribble Negative, Ray. Rovers run on $BASED and $BASED is a very volatile, yet very [somewhat] valuable asset. There will be swarms of ghouls seeking to pilfer $BASED out of the Rover, but I have enough duct tape on hand to ensure only a little bit of $BASED leaks at a time.

Ray Sounds too good to be true.

GHOULribble To be honest, you're probably right and there's a good chance that have I have made serious errors in my calculations.

Ray ...

GHOULribble Behold! To celebrate the launch of Based Loans and the newly launched Liquidity Rovers, I'm excited to announce EXTREMELY [un]LIMITED Edition Commemorative Plates! All proceeds will go towards market buying the different forms of $BASED, adding liquidity and locking it in each Rover.

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